Whether Ye Eat or Drink

Whether Ye Eat or Drink
June 9, 2017

With Mother’s Day having recently passed, the Proverbs 31 passage about the virtuous woman has been going through my mind. “Far Above Rubies” is compiled of many different articles and published every other month with one purpose in mind: to help each and every one of us ladies become a virtuous woman.

For the next several articles, I will be focusing on one verse at a time from Proverbs 31. This will be to encourage each of you to follow the pattern God has set forth in His word in becoming a virtuous woman.

Consider Proverbs 31:11 “The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.”

I am reminded of a commercial in which a woman is showing her designer closet filled with brand new shoes she has just received in the mail. Unexpectedly her husband walks in, sees all the new shoes, throws his hands up in desperation and cries, “C’mon!” I have to admit that I did chuckle a little when I saw it, due to the fact the actor and actress play the parts perfectly. But in reality, this is not funny. If this were not a commercial, but an actual life situation, this woman would not be viewed as being virtuous. She definitely has spending habits that cause her husband frustration to say the least, and therefore his heart does not safely trust in her.

How many of us are careful how we spend our husband’s hard-earned money? Does he worry how much you’ll spend when you are out shopping? Do you find yourself hiding what you’ve brought home from the store, or hoping he won’t notice that you are wearing another new dress? Sometimes we justify our spending by saying different things like, “I deserve it” or, “He never buys me anything, so I have to buy it myself.”

Often, while shopping, instead of focusing on the actual dollar amount, I consider how many hours my husband had to work to pay for the item. This approach has caused me many times to walk past the item, knowing that I don’t really need it. That adorable outfit doesn’t look so nice when one realizes that her husband will have worked 3 hours to pay for it. That new living room set is not so needed when we realize it would cost our husband 2 weeks, plus overtime, just to purchase it. Looking at a purchase in terms of hours worked, rather than dollar amounts, can change our focus from selfish desires, to that of a husband’s sacrifice of a part of his life, to provide for his family.

When planning meals and buying groceries, this same approach can be used. Learn to love the challenge of finding great deals and spending as little as possible on groceries. Delight in sharing your “finds” with your husband, knowing he will be pleased that you are considerate of his hard work and the income that he brings home. Discover that it is satisfying to prepare a meal for as little cost as possible, without sacrificing nutrition. Enjoy the creativity of using leftovers from previous meals to create a new entrée.

Through the years, I have looked for recipes that I can make at home and have on hand, instead of buying the prepared item, for both health reasons and saving money. One recipe that I use often is a homemade version of Bisquick. There are many recipes on-line that call for Bisquick, and if you are among the many who use it, you can help keep the grocery bill down by making your own mix.

Homemade “Bisquick” Mix       (amounts for large batch)

3 cups flour……………………………………..9 cups

2 Tbsp baking powder……………………..1/3 cup

1 tsp salt………………………………………….1/2 Tbsp

½ tsp cream of tartar……………………….1/2 Tbsp

2/3 cup cold butter…………………………..2 cups

Combine dry ingredients in mixing bowl. With a pastry blender, cut in butter until mixture is coarse and crumbly. Store in airtight container in freezer. Use cup for cup in place of Bisquick.