Keepers at Home

Keepers at Home
October 8, 2017

Blessings from the Hand of God

Recently, I was reading in Ecclesiastes and came across verse 24 of Chapter 2- “This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God.” Eccl. 3: 13 says “…it is the gift of God.” In Eccl. 5:18, note “…which God giveth him: for it is his portion.” There are so many wonderful reminders in God’s Word, of things we receive from the Hand of God, NOT because we are good, but because HE is so generous, benevolent, loving and kind.   I love Psalms 68:19: “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.”

One could write volumes on the many wonderful things we receive from the hand of the Lord. Truly, there would not be enough pages to handle the list. Salvation, and the joy and peace that salvation brings top the list, but there are other things to be thankful for, that we may often overlook.

In this age of “abundance,” being thankful seems rare. Because most Americans have always had what they need- and even what they want- rather than developing a thankful heart, they develop an “expectation” mentality. Many are unthankful.   As Keepers at Home, we should set aside time to be thankful for those daily benefits. Recognize that all are from the hand of God. Developing a thankful heart has tremendous benefits. Let’s consider the following:

SINGLE GALS: Now is the time to develop mindfulness. Generally, before we have a husband and children, we can be selfish and “all about me!” It is time to change that. Do you appreciate your family? Your parents may not have been perfect, but most parents do the BEST they can with what they have. If you were raised in a Christian home with a mother and father who desperately tried to do their best, be thankful. If you were not raised in such a home, you still can appreciate your parents and endeavor to apply all that you learn from God’s word, teaching your own family when you marry. How you were raised is one thing; what YOU DO when you are an adult is another.

-If you have a good job that allows you to meet all your financial needs, you are blessed.

-If you have good health and are able to do all you want for yourself and others, you are blessed.

-If you have great friends who lift you up, who sharpen your walk with the Lord, and who you can have

fun with, you are blessed.

YOUNG MARRIED: Have you thanked the Lord today for your husband, and told him so? Do you pray for him daily to gain wisdom? Are you UNSELFISH when it comes to cleaning your house, making meals, doing laundry, etc.? Your husband should find your home a pleasant place to which to return. Count your blessings, my dear young lady.

MARRIED WITH CHILDREN: Are you thankful for your children? Are they aware that you love them and why you do? Are you thankful for being able to do for them—cook, clean, train, teach, discipline, and love them? Are you reminded of how blessed you are to be able to mold their little lives? Do you, on purpose, put their needs BEFORE yours? Will their memories of home be sweet? Consider your blessings.

MARRIED WITHOUT CHILDREN AND MAYBE RETIRED: This is a great place to be. I see my friends, now without kids at home, doing new things. Some have embarked on a business adventure. Some are very invested in their grandkids’ lives— being helpful in many ways. It is a great time of life to see your fruit unfold. Count those blessings from the hand of the Lord. I am finding retirement is a blessed time. Look forward to each season with anticipation and thankfulness.

I am suggesting that you start a List of Blessings, so that you can SEE just how much the Lord loves you and blesses you. Here’s part of mine!

  • My washing machine and dryer– Can you imagine earlier years, when they did it by hand and lugged wet laundry up out of a dreary basement to hang up to dry- summer and winter? They most likely hauled the water in, heated it, washed clothes, and then hauled the water out. They had heavy garments, not light-weight cottons and other, modern fabrics. I actually do thank the Lord EACH time my 1997 post-flood washing machine does another load! It makes me smile.
  • My kitchen appliances– I hear stories from my mom about the “cook car” of her day. It was a small contained outdoor kitchen where large meals were prepared—all over an open flame, WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING, in August and September! She was eleven years old when Grandpa had her help wash vegetables and dishes with the hired lady.  (AWFUL heat ALL day long) I am so thankful that I can just cook on my stove, or use the microwave or grill. It is so much easier, with no room for complaining! Every single time I turn on kitchen appliance, I am reminded how blessed I am!
  • My air-conditioner/furnace. I remember growing up without either. In the winter, we had this “parlor stove” that warmed the main floor of the farm house. You were only warm when you faced it! The upstairs windows had thick ice on them in the winter. Getting dressed on such a morning was quick- more like an Olympic event! We three girls slept together for heat!   The opposite was true in the summer: SO HOT! (Think the hottest day at camp for the whole summer!)  Somehow, we made it through.   Now, I turn on the air! I am so thankful!
  • The internet. I am thankful that I can research anything, at any time. I love finding out how to do something, or find a recipe to try. I love being able to text or use What’s App to connect with our missionaries and other friends and family. It is a blessing to be able to keep in touch.
  • My car. What a luxury this is. My car provides good gas mileage, air conditioning, heat, radio, phone, and other such modern conveniences. We are blessed beyond imagination. Do we think that way? We can get anywhere in a few minutes. Can you imagine if the demands of this age did not offer a vehicle to help us get there? I am so thankful when it works well, is toasty in the winter, and gets me where I am going. I am blessed.
  • My health. I am so thankful for good health, although we all have “episodes” in this area. Things change as we age: strength, endurance, cognitive quickness, and visual acuity. However, some of these frailties we can avoid with good diet and exercise. Some can be “helped” medically (so thankful for my husband’s heart valve!), but some things we have to learn to live with. And, we should do that thankfully and with a grateful heart. I am always reminded that someone, someplace, has it much worse than me!
  • My friends. Where would we be without friends? We love those dear friends who are “there” when we need them. I have had situations in my 66 years, when friends were very instrumental in meeting some needs. One NEVER forgets those people. They are truly a blessing from the Lord. I am always encouraged with these verses: II Cor 7:5-6- that end with “….comforted us with the coming of Titus.” We all have had a Titus in our lives or we can be a Titus. Friends are a GIFT from God. There is a saying that if we have a handful of FRIENDS in our lifetime, we have been blessed. We most likely will have several “acquaintances” but few true, blue friends that we can DEPEND on. Be thankful. We are blessed.
  • Living in America. Even with all the political nonsense, America is a wonderful place to live. Pray for this country, and don’t take it for granted. We are blessed from the Lord to live in such a place.

Work on developing a thankful heart. Count your many blessings.