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A Merry Heart

Merry Heart
June 9, 2018

Laughter, the Best Medicine

She’s been at it again—my sister…Robin.

I’m wondering how old the average, Far Above Rubies reader is? How many of you remember Reader’s Digest book/magazine? They had various humor sections that were made up of real stories, experienced by readers and submitted for publication. My sister could have gotten rich if she ever bothered to submit her stories! I was able to snag one FREE for your enjoyment—and if you’re like me—a really good belly laugh!

My sister recently had a serious medical issue and it became necessary to travel to the Mayo Clinic to do testing as her problem was considerably rare. Robin was scheduled for two back-to-back MRIs and would need to be still inside, what my sister likes to call, “The Donut Machine.”

She entered the room on her very best behavior (and for Robin, that’s saying something); the technician asked if she was ready. Robin quietly and meekly submitted while being checked for metal rods or anything that could interfere with the tests. Again, my sister, quietly and obediently allowed herself to be plunged into the circular, cornerless cage. She followed every instruction to the letter of the law with docile submission and obvious care to be very precise. She was told NOT to move, and her eyes would need to be closed. Robin asked the technician if there would be any kind of circumstance where she would need to open her eyes; when the tech responded no, Robin told her, “I will keep them entirely closed the whole time if it helps with the Behavior Management Protocol.” She lay in that machine, and did not move a muscle. They pulled her out half way through the procedure and she asked the tech if it was against Behavior Management Protocol for her to have a warm blanket as it was rather cold inside the cavity of the contraption. The technician assured her it “absolutely was not” against the rules, and she was made cozy and returned to the “belly of the beast,” never once opening her eyes!

The second time the tech pulled Robin out of the machine, Robin asked if the Behavior Management Protocol was finished. She looked at my sister a little perplexed and just continued to take care of my sister and remove her IV. Robin then proceeded to explain she had left all the paperwork for the Behavior Management Protocol out in the locker they had let her use, and was she the one that needed to sign off on her compliance? The tech said she was not, and asked Robin if she could clarify. Robin told her that she was in a study and was promised that if she had perfect behavior she would get a $100 gift card before she left the MRI room. She further explained to the technician, that this is why she was so good, and if she hadn’t been good enough, she wanted a “do over.”

The tech told Robin, “I don’t know anything about the study; I’ll have to check with my supervisor about the gift card.” At which point my sister let her off the hook and told her it was just a joke and there was no gift card, to which the technician replied, “You mean you’re doing the study for nothing?”

After reading my sister’s story, I couldn’t help but think of the “Fun Things to Do” lists and how Robin’s story could be an inspiration to start crossing things off YOUR list. You don’t have a list? Well! Let me give you a short one to get you started—and a couple of my own!

While grocery shopping, keep cracking open your purse while looking inside and ask, “Do you have enough air in there?”
Go to the park and watch people. Take notes on everything they do while muttering, “They’re going to find this interesting…”
Put a desk in an elevator, and when people try to get on, ask if they have an appointment.
The next time a telemarketer calls, tell them you’re so glad they called because there is a problem with their bank account and they need to send you $300 in overdraft charges or you’ll have to turn them in to the authorities.
Go to any public place and start handing out name tags to everyone. If they refuse, knowingly say, “Oh, you’re one of those…”
And finally: Tell your family you have a mass behind your eye and you’ll need to go to the mayo clinic and then completely make up really funny pranks you pulled on the doctors and nurses. (Though if you know my sister, you know she doesn’t make this stuff up!)