Keepers at Home

Keepers at Home
December 4, 2018

Let’s Repurpose!

Many years ago when Far Above Rubies was first published, I often did a “craft” article. But, to be honest, at my age, my desire to do “crafts” has waned!  My house does not need ONE MORE craft!  In fact, every rummage sale I have, I do “due diligence” to get rid of more things that I once actually loved! I will never be a minimalist in my decorating style, because I love texture and color, but I certainly do not need small things hanging all over my walls!  (Can you relate?)

With my disclaimer, I must say there are still some “repurposing” crafts that I love to do.  This month I am going to share a project idea that I have seen on Pinterest and other DIY sites.   Although certainly these require some “craft-like” skills, the items actually provide a functional use in the home.

This repurposed idea utilizes an old cupboard door.  I have found these at Garage/Rummage Sales and occasionally at Thrift Stores.  Keep your eyes open!    If this idea tweaks your DIY senses, Pinterest has so many wonderful ideas concerning this repurpose.

CUPBOARD DOOR AS AN ORGANIZER. Make a handy organizer for any child’s room, a bathroom, or near a front door.  Sometimes this is exactly what you need to help organize a room. Secure a door that is large enough that, when hung “sideways,” will accommodate as many hooks as you need, based on number of children, number of things you want hung, etc. You can either use the existing finish on the door, or sand it slightly and repaint with Chalk Paint, room color paint or an accent color. Slightly sanding the edges after the paint has dried gives a worn look. Add decorative door knobs, hooks, large nails….whatever your ‘style’ is and hang on a wall where it will help with organization. In a child’s rooms, you could hang pj’s and robes (off the floor!), wet towels from their baths if you don’t have enough room in the bathroom, and so on.  I’ve seen them strategically placed in the bathroom to hang curling irons and hair dryers.  The options are endless.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.47.45 PM

CUPBOARD DOOR AS A COFFEE CUP HOLDER. This is a cute idea if you have a “coffee” theme in your kitchen-or not!  Again, you’ll want a door that you can hang sideways.  This example, “But, FIRST coffee!”   could be done in any color.  (Use a stencil for the saying or if you have a friend that has a Cricut, maybe she’d do the lettering for you!) On the bottom of the door add a few hooks where your favorite coffee cups can be hung. If your husband is handy, you also can add a bit of molding to the top of this door which adds some dimension and architectural interest.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.47.54 PM

CUPBOARD DOOR AS A CHRISTMAS HANGING. I love the simplicity of this door.  I would change this a little by painting the door a neutral beige/light gray color. On the left side of the door, freehand a Christmas tree bough in a similar, but darker beige/gray.  To the right of the Christmas tree add the words J O Y in black so it stands out.  It would be a nice addition to lightly spread Mod Podge over the top of the bough in long strokes and sprinkle that area with glitter. You could also paint the door white, add a green tree and the words JOY in red. Or you can paint the whole door white, sand the edges a bit, and write JOY in large red letters down the center.  All open to your artistic bent.  Add wire on the back, use a large festive bow and hang on front door. Put felt bumpers on the four corners on the back of the door so your front door doesn’t get scratched.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.48.00 PM

CUPBOARD DOOR AS  SIGNAGE.- This is one I’d like to do for above my entry door.   Since I have a lot of black in my décor, I’d probably paint the door flat black and sand the edges. On the front of the door it might read something like this:
Est. August 18, 1972

Your name is the largest boldest font, with the other information appearing as a “second thought.”  This option could be used in many ways. How about your baby’s name in the middle with date of birth below? Hang above crib with a baby rattle tied on with a large bow on a hook.   Maybe if you have a little boy and he likes a particular athletic group, you could do a sports logo and add some knobs or hangers to hang a sports tee or memorabilia, or so he just might hang his jeans!  The options are endless.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.48.12 PM

CUPBOARD DOOR FOR A CHALK BOARD.  If you find a larger door with a raised or depressed center panel, this is a perfect door for a chalkboard. You can leave the “edge” stained as is, or paint a corresponding color to match the room you are placing this in.  Tape off the raised/depressed portion with a good blue/green painters tape to make an exact line and paint the large center portion with chalk board paint.   You can find chalkboard paint in a pint or in a spray can.  Sometimes you will need several coats. Follow directions on can.  When that is dry, secure one or two hooks of your choice on the bottom, and add a couple small pails- one for chalk and one for an eraser.  Ideas of where to use this idea are endless.  In the front hall you could use it to leave “Where  am I” notes.  You could use in kitchen to identify what the daily supper menu is!  In a kid’s room, you could leave sweet notes of love on it for them to awake to, or identify their jobs for the day—“Today, you get to …….”  Perhaps it could be used in a kitchen to jot down needed grocery items.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.48.34 PM

I hope you will have fun with this idea.  Keep a look-out for cupboard doors at garage sales and thrift store.  Happy repurposing!

***The pictures/illustrations are from Pinterest.  The other suggestions are mine!  Have fun.