A Merry Heart

Merry Heart
June 3, 2019

I got the invitation! It was beautiful, shining; Literally shining with all the gold detail—the much coveted summons. Lucy had been invited to Miracle’s birthday party. This was doggie event of the season and Lucy was going!

“Lucy Goosey! You’re going to Miracle’s birthday party!” Lucy stared back and cocked her head. I held out her treat and she jumped up and down! Yep! She was SOOO excited to go to the birthday party!

As soon as he stepped in the door I announced, “Lucy got the invitation!”
“What invitation?” Was my husband’s less than enthusiastic reply.
“Miracle’s birthday party, Silly!”
“Oh, that’s nice.” Said my husband as he brushed past an eager puppy waiting for some attention. I could read the pain in Lucy’s eyes as she bounded after a tennis ball my husband had inadvertently kicked down the hallway.


I contemplated my list of things to do while I hunted for Lucy’s dinner bib. I didn’t know where to start; there were so many details to take care of—decisions to make to be properly prepared for the Canine Coterie.

After dinner, while Lucy watched her favorite documentary (she bores easily with trite entertainment), “Menacing Cats: the Untold Story,” I had some time to pore over Lucy’s wardrobe and make some adjustments if needed. Pushing past her everyday wear, I rummaged through her party clothes and found what I was looking for! Her Tiara! She hadn’t worn it yet; we were waiting for just the right occasion and THIS WAS IT! I took out a pink dress with delicate rosebuds and started to press and plan.

I was hand-stitching some detail work on the collar when I was interrupted by a petulant Lucy demanding her, before bedtime, pudding cup. I left my chores and reverie to spoon-feed my sleepy pooch.

After tucking Lucy into bed, I quickly finished up my abandoned project and treated myself to 2 1/2 hours of Youtube videos of talking dogs driving and skateboarding.

The day arrived. After a quick trip to the groomers for a blueberry facial, pedicure and nail polish, and after a flurry of activity amidst satin, crinoline, rhinestone and perfume, we were finally ready for the much anticipated event; Miracle’s Birthday Party!

Upon arriving at the Doggiè Pârk, carefully selected gift in hand, I unbuckled Lucy’s carseat belt and we made our way toward the gathering. As we stood at the gate, ready to make our entrance, some ruffian mongrel ran up and grabbed Lucy’s ear in his teeth and started to pull, nearly unseating Lucy’s dainty tiara. Trying to grab the leash that had fallen from my hand as I straightened her skirts, I lunged forward and missed it completely. She was gone! (I knew I should have given her a dose of her anti-depressant before we left the house.)

I searched the crowd only to find her in the center of a group, wrestling with a collie. I was horrified! Lucy’s dress was shredded and she was covered in mud. Lucy growled as a retriever’s guardian reached to restrain her. I was abashed, “Oh, she’s just tired,” was my rather feeble explanation.

It was clearly time to leave while we had a modicum of dignity left. With Lucy quietly at my side we passed 2 boorish terriers and I overheard, “Ruff…ruff…ruff, ruff!” Then the reply, “RUFF! RUFF!”

I could hear the derision; I could sense the criticism. I looked over at Lucy with her askew tiara and painted nails and knew they were just jealous. I wiped an unbidden tear from my eye, “How did this happen?” I wondered. She was usually so behaved and…well…sophisticated. She was acting like…an animal!